“Shah places each person’s experiences into a larger discussion about attacks on abortion services, and the disinformation that comes with them. An important addition to the field of reproductive justice.”

— Booklist

You’re the Only One I’ve Told boldly breaks the silence around abortion that has served as a weapon for denying human rights and health care for far too long. Meera Shah places a wide range of engrossing abortion stories in their social, legal, and political contexts and spotlights the unjust toll restrictions on abortion access inflict. Her much-needed reproductive justice lens shows that abortion is not a cure for poverty and other structural inequities but is absolutely essential to ensuring freedom and equality.  An illuminating and inspiring call for reproductive freedom for everyone.”

Dorothy Roberts
Author of Killing the Black Body

“A clear-eyed and shame-free examination from a doctor on the frontlines, You’re the Only One I’ve Told is the book the feminist movement has been waiting for. Everyone should read it.”

Columnist and author of Sex Object: A Memoir

“The courage and honesty in the writing of Dr. Meera Shah paints the clearest of pictures: abortion isn’t a political tool. It is health care. Personal, moving, and necessary—truly a must-read.”

Alyssa Mastromonaco
New York Times bestselling author and cohost of Crooked Media’s #Hysteria podcast

“Shah is a fierce yet empathetic advocate for her own patients and those who have confided in her, and provides a wealth of resources for getting involved in reproductive health activism. Readers who have felt isolated or stigmatized in talking about their own abortions will find stories that resonate, while others will have their concept of who seeks an abortion broadened. This is a moving and deeply informed argument for abortion as a human right.”

Publishers Weekly

“Through these compelling stories, Dr. Shah reveals the determination and the deliberations of people who seek abortion care. This book shows, as my research has confirmed, that people make the decision to end a pregnancy balancing their own responsibilities and visions for the future. With Dr. Shah as our guide, we see the compassion and thoughtfulness of people who dedicate their careers to providing abortions.”

Diana Greene Foster, PhD
Author of The Turnaway Study

“To declare “I own my body” is revolutionary. To say “I count” is revolutionary. We do that by sharing our stories. And when our stories come together they create a subversive wave that sweeps away shame and silence. In this vital book, Dr. Meera Shah gifts her confidants – the storytellers – and us – the reader – with that power. Read this book.”

Mona Eltahawy
Author of The Seven Necessary Sins For Women and Girls

You’re the Only One I’ve Told goes far beyond the headlines and political rhetoric to paint a moving, multi-faceted, and deeply human picture of abortion. Dr. Meera Shah blends medical expertise and facts with personal accounts, resulting in a book that is as eye-opening as it is compelling.”

Cecile Richards
Author of Make Trouble

“These moving stories, taken together, sharply reveal the connections among ‘reproductive justice, gender justice, racial justice, and economic justice.’ A strong contribution to discussions of reproductive rights.”

Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

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